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  • Genre - Drama
  • Simon Yam
  • duration - 1hours 47 minutes
  • 71 votes
  • Susan Chan
  • Country - Hong Kong

Good job, awesome. I can't even get a taxi! D lmao Oooooh, bless this. Teaching is the best form of birth control. And when you do decide to have kids, name choices are greatly affected by your career. LOL.


Outstanding work as ever❤️. He juss habin a good time, god bless his heart😂🙏🏾. Amazing video 😀😊. That was one of the better Arnie impressions Ive heard. Another great video Your Beardedness.


This would fit perfectly in the great gatsby.

00:52 and 1:06 heart melting scene

I love how the Asian was the only one who didn't even deny it lol. You know what's funny to me is that a few years later or not exactly a year later about he might be keeping a termite colony. It don't mean a thing if I give you you my heart, if you tear it apart. Thx 4 The Vids. Mrs beard how about we go out for a meal on valentines Mr beard Maybe not, I ate three tons of breakfast. 'Tis no man, tis a remorseless eating machine. Nghe tiếng hồng kong câu nghe đc câu k. Neu Có bản tiếng phổ thông thì tốt quá. Wer ist die kleine. I can't even get a taxi! is, no doubt, the best line of this song. Trust the timing of your life. You are doing great things. Drinks. ya I drinks that.

Welcoming in to the 2020's... Welp, I think this lonely little lawli is walking on the psycho side and the dark of her life :D.


I appreciate the quagmire 👍😂. Impressive chapter. I can't even get a taxi! I shouldn't be laughing as hard as I am. Another 6 million thanks to On My Block 😂.

Love Gatsby love Fergie love this song😍 2018 and still best song❤.




  • Correspondent Jeff Paul
  • Biography: Potato in the streets, ham in the sheets.




Little Q - by Michael, February 21, 2020
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