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  1. user ratings - 7,1 of 10 star
  2. actor - Agustí Villaronga, Vlad Ivanov
  3. Corneliu Porumboiu
  4. genre - Comedy
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We're really introduced to Cristi (Vlad Ivanov) and Gilda (Catrinel Marlon) when Gilda walks up to Cristi and asks to speak with him in his apartment. Cristi whispers into her ear that he apartment is bugged, so she kisses him and tells him she'll play the part of a hooker, and they can whisper her request, which is to help her by getting a criminal, Zsolt, out of prison.
In an early scene, Cristi is on a ferry heading to an island where the ancient people use to communicate by whistling. Cristi is part of a plot working with other criminals to free Zsolt and to do this he has to learn the whistling language.
The language breaks vowels and consonants into seven whistling sounds. This lesson in this language was the most exciting part of the film. I was fascinated with Cristi learning how to whistle and wanted to practice, along with him, right in the theater.
As the film develops, some parts led me to believe that the story in the movie was pre-planned, and I missed something as the film progressed. At other times, I felt as though Cristi and Gilda were planning the ending along the way because they'd fallen for each other.
As an undercover detective, Cristi works for an unnamed woman place by Rodica Lazar, who is trying to play both ends of this story.
The result is a film that has the appearance of a storyline running at two different levels, but in the end, the person sitting next to me asked if he missed something about how the ending worked out, I said "I don't know, and I still don't.
Ivanov was quietly compelling as the detective who was also on the take. Marlon was excellent as the woman who seemed totally in control of story behind the plot. Lazar was strong as the head of the investigation and also susceptible to corruption. Corneliu Porumboiu wrote and directed this quizzical story that left me hanging.
Overall: I either missed a critical section of this Romanian film or the story was attempting to be too elusive.

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La Gomera free online games. La Gomera free online dating. La gomera free online english. La gomera free online music. U jokers. Cheer up lad, i will get u an ice cream, can i have a flake in it. La gomera free online shop. La gomera free online streaming. Neat! I found about about this from Oddee. La gomera free online play. I am going to go straight and tell you: I am sorry, but do not go to this movie. br> It is the biggest waste of money I've ever made and besides seing Catrinel Marlon naked there is nothing to see. The main character has no emotions and all the movie seems like it was written with the left hand (obviosly the writer is right handed.
The movie also has gross scenes and the whistling sound is extremely annoying.
I rate 2/10 just because of the beauty of Catrinel.

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